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Curriculum Vitae - Personal History

Die biografischen Angaben sind zur Zeit leider immer noch nur auf Englisch

Born on June 29, 1939 in Anrath, North-Rhine-Westfalia, Germany; parents: Cle­mens Brusten (1899-1974) and Maria Brusten, born Derichs (1912-1978); living in Neersen, North-Rhine-Westfalia, until 1959; 1950 - 1959 highschool (Gymnasium) in Mön­chengladbach. Degree: Abitur. 1959-1960 18 months of military service. 1960 - 1962 two years as volunteer in several editorial staffs of a daily newspaper (Rheinische Post) in Mönchengladbach, Düssel­dorf and Kempen.
1969, October 10, married to Annelie Metzler (born August 10, 1938); one son: Hinrich-Paulus, born August 8, 1962.
Since 1975 living in 42285 Wuppertal, Parsevalstreet 13

Academic Career and Qualifications
- 1962-1965: Study at the University of Münster, North-Rhine-Westfa­lia sociology, economics, social policy and social psy­chology.
- 1965-1966: Fulbright Scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley. Major subjects: empirical methods in sociology, symbolic interactionism, social problems, social-economic development of Japan.
- 1966-1967: Ten months of travelling, particularly in USA, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia and India.
- 1967-1969: Completing studies at the University of Münster. Degree: Diplom-Soziologe. Thesis: "Gruppensoziologische Aspekte des abweichenden Verhaltens bei Jugendlichen" (group so­ciology and deviant behavior of juveniles).
-1969-1970: Research assistant at the University of Münster: research on: "Social Stratification and Deviant behavior".
- 1970-1972: Research assistant at the University of Bielefeld, Fa­culty of Sociology; research on: "School and Juvenile De­linquency".
- 1972-1975: Assistant lecturer (Wissenschaftlicher Assistent) in "So­ciology of Social Work" at the University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Sociology.
- Febr.1974: Ph.D. in Sociology (Dr. soz. wiss.) Thesis: "Perspektiven der sozialen Kontrolle durch Schule, Sozialarbeit und Po­lizei" (social control by school, social work and po­lice).
1975-2004: Professor in Sociology (special field: deviant behavior and social control) at the De­partment of Social Sciences at the University of Wuppertal; 1977-1986 Co-Director of the "Inter­national Document and Study Centre for Con­flicts of Youth" at the University of Wuppertal. 1997-1999 Vice-Dean and 1999-2001 Dean of the Department of Social Sciences

longterm positions as consultant:
- 1979 - 1981: Consultant expert of the "Select Commitee on the Cooperation among the Public and the Police in the Prevention of Crime", European Committee on Crime Problems, Council of Europe, Strasbourg
- 1985 - 1987: Member of a state wide committee of the German Police Union (GdP), for analysing "Misbehavior and Crime within the Police Force" as well as "Possible Measures of Control of Police Behavior".

Areas of Empirical Research
The empirical research conducted and supervised in the last 25 years - although most of it within the premises of the Sociology of Deviance and Social Control - covers a fairly wide range of very different subjects and problems. About 2 million German marks were paid by a diversity of grants to accomplish these research activities, all of which were supported on the basis of individual and competitive research propo­sals (i.e. no contract research). Most of the research-projects fall into one of the following six major areas of research:

- 1. School: processes of stigmatisation within schools; problems of cooperation between schools and other agencies of social con­trol.
- 2. Police: problems of recruitment and training; police discretion and methods of interrogation; po­lice and politics;crime and crime control within the police force; Police complaints authorities (Ombudsmen) in Australia. Changing Paradigms of Control by police in modern societies. Police in times of social and political change after the 'Third Reich'.
- 3. Juvenile Delinquency and Prevention: concepts of prevention in institutions of social aid and social control; municipal youth policies with respect to the preven­tion of youth conflicts; structure and function of the Communal Federation of Youth Associations (Ju­gendringe); youth unemployment and juvenile delinquency.
- 4. Social Work and Criminal Justice: documentary analysis of files in the Youth Welfare Office; 'subjective effects' of probation and parole; genesis and implementation of new laws on man­datory su­pervision (Führungsaufsicht).
- 5. Sociology of Science: external determinants of criminological re­search: limitations of the free­dom of science and research; pro­blems of criminological research in state re­search institu­tions.
- 6. Holocaust-Research and Jewish-Studies: Attitude-research with pupils and students: (a) on the importance of attitudes related to historical events (the 'Third Reich' and the Holocaust) for cur­rent attitudes (on social minorities and nationa­lism); (b) bi-national comparative research bet­ween Israel and Germany 'after german Unification' (1992-1995). Editorial work on Forced-labour-camps for Jews in Silesia 1942-1945. Biographical research in Australia on the ‘Victims of Nazi-State-Ter­ror: German Jews in Australia’, 1992-2003.

Publications (see full list of publication)
Most of the publications are clearly related to the empirical research conducted and supervi­sed in the last 25 years.

Visiting Professor, guest Lecturer and Consultant
I took the posi­ton of short term visiting pro­fessor and lecturer at several universities and academies:
- May 1979: Visiting professor at he Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium 12/1979 + 4/1982 Guest lectures at the University of Paris (Sorbonne)
- Winter 1980/1981: Guest-professor at the Department of Education at the University of Mün­ster
- Summer 1983: DAAD-Short-termin visiting professor (for three months) at the University of (sabbatical) Pau, Southern France
- Nov. 1983: Lectures at several universities in Japan: Keio University and Kogagakuin University in Tokyo and Tokiwa University in Mito
- Spring 1985: Visiting professor at the Department of Law at the Catholic Unviversity of Leuven, Belgium
- Summer 1986: Lectures at universities and research institutions in India (New Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay, Bangalore) on invitation by the German Goethe-Institute
- Lectures at several universities in Australia (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney) on the occasion of an information trip supported by the German Research Founda­tion (DFG)
- between 8/1987 - 3/1988: Two month visiting professor at the Criminology Department of the University of Melbourne, Australia, financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); followed by lectures at different other universities in Austra­lia (La Trobe, Adelaide, Perth) and 2 month research on Police Complaints Authorities in different states of Australia), financially supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
- 1989/1990: Guest lecturer for two weeks at the 'Centre for Advanced Sociological Stu­dies' of the Soviet Sociological Association) in Moscow, USSR
- 1991/1992: Eight Seminars by the week in training future social workers in the new German states (former DDR), organized by the 'Social Welfare Academy' in Wansdorf (near Berlin)/Potsdam/Burg
- 8/1992 - 3/1993 Two month visiting professor at the Criminology Department of the University of Melbourne, Australia (financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); followed by four month of exploratory research conducting extensive interviews (audio- and videotaped) with german born Australians, who left Germany during or shortly after the 'Third Reich' (as victims of the Holocaust) and got settled in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney; on my way back home guest lecture at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York.
- Summer 1994 Continuing the Research on 'Victims of Nazi-State-Terror: German Jews in Australia; Summer 1995 in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide; for about two month each; in Spring 2001 and from Nov. 2002 until March 2003.